Mav's New 23 Window Samba

"Home Coming"


Finally I have moved into my new house which comes complete with a double garage, a home for the Samba. So after a manic week painting garage floors and walls (ignoring anything the house may need doing) we were ready for home coming. More bits and bobs have been done, including fitting up of the cabin area. Painting of the various little bits we had forgotten, as you do. So here is the final picture from Airwerx :


Now to the exciting bit, the home coming. Thanks to Maco Recovery, Woking for doing such an effecient and not to pricey pick up and delivery.As you can see I finally have a decent size drive and a nice little home for the Samba where I can work on her in my own time. Sadly my own time has been taken over by the house but the end is near and then once again I shall be camped out in the garage but this time in my own garage.


Dave at Airwerx again came up trumps supplying some beige squareweave carpet, with a large weave than normal and a much better match for the correct period carpet. Using the old carpets, I gut the carpet to fit the cabin area, the gargo area and also a small cut to live behind the rear door.


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(last updated 18/10/2001)