Mav's New 23 Window Samba



Now the Samba's paint has been flatten and polished, the re-fit can start. The pictures are of the Samba below are during the re-fit. If you look at the picture of the front of the bus in the shade and the picture in the light, you can get some idea of how the colour changes in the sunlight.


Dave at Airwerx has fitted the head linning, not a fun job with the large rag top and all the sky lights (tinted dark for a bit of privacy) not to mention the fact that the headlinning comes down past the side windows too!


Rich from Morena Auto Electricians have fitted the new wiring loom, and installed a top of the range Toad alarm system and a separate fuse box for the ancillary electrical equipment, such as the alarm, stereo, etc. The front bench seats have been recovered in TMI salt and pepper seat covers. All the panels are also TMI salt and pepper style.

Over the period of a few nights, we fitted the deluxe trim and inserted the beading, I have the blisters to prove it. All of the chrome pop outs have been fitted and latches fitted. The next pictures show the full trim installed and the chrome fittings in the cabin area. If you look at the picture of the back end, you can see all the pop outs doing their pop out thing!


Myself and Bus Boy fitted the chrome safari's, we are still waiting for the rear safari from Creative Engineering. We had to send the last one back as it was fractionally too big. The Porsche 944 front brake disc conversion has arrived from Oldspeed is the US, now we can really tuck those 17" Porsche rims under the arch and then we can use the adaptors that are on the front at the moment and fit the wheels on the back as wll. After that we can slam the bus. A new TMI sunroof is waiting to be fitted, that should happen this week.

With the chrome and deluxe trim, the Samba is really coming together. The only painting left is the bumpers, the rear of which we had to swap the original one for a less dented one. The previous owner must have reversed by touch! I had to do an emergency dash to the chromers for the pedals and several phone calls to Karmen Konnection for those odd items I am missing, such as early split rear light rubbers.


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(last updated 18/10/2001)