Mav's New 23 Window Samba

"Paint Time"


It's finally happened, that magic moment, when your bus rolls out and it now longer is filler and metal but glorious colour. Taking the standard colours as the basis but using modern versions of them, I have ended up with one of the sraightest, shinnest buses out there. The brown is a very deep metallic chocolate brown, which is almost black in the shade but once the sun hits the paint work, the bronze metallic flips in and the top half changes colour. The bottom red half starts of as a deep plum colour but once again as the sun hits the red it turns a much lighter tranlucent red and every shade of red inbetween. I am very happy with the results and want to thank Angus for a job well done, 7 coats of paint and 3 coats of laquer has resulted in a very deep shine. The following photo's are 36 hours after it was painted and as such the paint has not even been flattened down, so it should be even shiner when it's finished.


Next we fitted the front wheels, wow do they look good. The only problem being the fat tyres which were 205x50 x17", this resulted in a fat look to the front. Plus with the discs and adaptor plates the tyres were so close to the arch, which meant we had to temporary raise the front of the bus to stock height. Therefore we had to look at ways of reducing the front track. We have approached this in two ways, the first was to find a method to fit the Porsche wheels without adaptor plates. The problem we had was with the VW discs, there was not enough material to drill from the Porsche PCD. Porsche discs seemed a logical solution, so thanks to Scotty for pointing out Oldspeed in the USA, who do a Porsche 944 front disc conversion. The order is now placed, we can but wait now. Next we found new tyres in the form of Bridgestone 175x55x17", which have resulted in the classic skinny front tyre effect, we know and love on our VWs.


All of the chrome is back from the chromers and the job of cutting perspex and building the chrome pop outs and chrome door tops can begin. The skylights have been tinted from their usual green to a darker black, to give some privacy but the rest of the windows will be clear. The deluxe trim has been off to the polishers to be mirror polished and anodized. I spent a hot summer's day rebuilding the Porsche calipers and polishing the jail bars. The headlinning is 75% fitted as I type and sound deadening has been fitted to all of the interior metalwork.

I have also taken video footage of my Samba, to hopefully ease your download times I have broken it up into several segments. The biggest being the video of the side of the bus, it has to be seen to be believed, you thought your bus was straight, well check these Windows Media Player video files out:

Rear End (401K)
Arrow Straight Side (1.2M)
Drivers Door and Wheel Arch (255K)
Front Nose (800K)
Passenger Door and Wheel Arch (415K)
Cargo Door Side (291K)

In conjunction with Ian from Wolfsberg, we are going to strengthen the engine horns and chassis rail and fit a extra strong gearbox mount. Ready for the 2.4 liter type 4 engine to be fitted.Once that is done we can stonechip the underneath.

Well, we missed the Volksworld Show and Big Bang, next is Bug Jam, will we make it ???????? Mind you there is alkways Spa in August.

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(last updated 12/08/2001)