Mav's New 23 Window Samba

"Welded and now the Preparation"


Well the bus has been in the workshop for a couple of months now and work has progressed at an excellent pace, the bus has been 90% externally bare metalled and engine and gearbox removed. (Next week we pull the front beam out.) The welding has all but finished only a few little rust holes to fix up now. The drivers side was done first by Dave and a superb job he did. This was then finished off by Angus, who smoothed the whole side of the van to what we hope will be a mirror like finish when painted.

Unfortunatley the passenger side did not want to play the same game, as it caused Dave many headaches trying to get the door edge gaps even. We suspect that the van has taken an impact at some time on the piller between the passenger door and the first cargo door. This has resulted in the panels not lining up quite as we expected but after removing some of his work and rejigging the chassis, Dave has again performed a miracle and the side is lovely, even gaps and cargo doors that don't stick out at the bottom of the bus (like many splits do). We even ended up using the original 2 cargo doors with new skins, which was a bit of a bummer as I now have 2 spare high hinge doors for sale.


Meanwhile, I have been de-greasing the engine bay. A lovely job which resulted in thinners getting in my eye, something I won't recommend to anyone else to try, ouch!! We also pulled the old headlinning out, which left a lot of glue residue in the van, which has to removed prior to painting (ho hum, another fun job) and the re-sticking the new headlinning apart. But apparently this is a walk in the park compared to the removal of the underseal!!!!!

Download video footage of the Samba in the workshop
(windows media player footage, 321K bytes)

The shopping is going well, a Moto-Lita steering wheel from Bernard Newbury. A salt and pepper TMI interior, all new rubbers and associated bits from Karmen Konnection. Plus I have a complete set of pop-outs now, cool!!!

My 2.4 liter Type 4 enigine will go to Ian at Wolfsburg Performance for a bit of fettling prior to being fitted to the Samba, as I have agreed to run in the type 2 street drag competition run by Volksworld. Which should be laugh, especially with camper interior, including cooker. Mind you, having removed all the of the glass from the Samba, I have discovered that it weighs an awfull lot, so 80% of the glass is going to be replaced using perspex and I am hoping we can devise a quick release camper interior!!


Well it's only 3 weeks to the Volksworld 2001 show, will we make it ? Wait and see........................................

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(last updated 03/03/2001)