Mav's New 23 Window Samba

"The Cutting and Welding"

The Samba was dropped off mid December to start the restoration project. After stripping the van right down and after some initial investigation it turns out this bus suffered the last 43 years pretty harshly and the previous owner over the years had got very good with the fibreglass!!! In the end we had to replace all of the doors preferring rust free califorian doors over repairing the old doors and we also removed the bottom six inches all the way round!!!

A lot of panels from Alan Schlofield's and hand made panels from Airwerx and the rebuilding can begin.As you can see, there is now a fair amount of bus missing but some is reappearing which is a good sign, the engine bay was selected as as good as place as any to start.


And the shopping continues, I now have the wheels, assuming we can make them fit!! They are from our favourite German sports car manufacturer but from a much later model Porsche than we normally see on old VWs. Creative Engineering have supplied the Safari windows front and rear. (Oh yes that is me, wandering between my '57 and Dave's '52, some people have just got to go that one bit better!)


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(last updated 03/03/2001)