Mav's New 23 Window Samba

"The Start"


Well the restoration starts, the first step was to strip out the interior, this didn't take to long with the aid of bus boy. The interior was made by the original owner in 1957 and had stood up very well to the test of time. The only rust we could see from the inside was a a couple of holes in the panel between the back and front seats, as well as a rust hole several inches long covered my fibreglass, not nice.There were a couple of other rust areas, the seam between the drivers side wheel arch and the floor pan and a large hand size hole on the other arch, which a previous owner had pop rivetted a panel over. All of the doors hace rust at the base of the them, which is not good. I have found one NOS cargo door so far. Anyway check out these pictures of the interior (click for more detailed picture):


The next step is to put in some new 6V brushes, which have had enough when it inly has a 10 mile journey ahead if it to the restorers. The restorers are Airwerx in Weybridge (01932 358128), who will be responsible for the welding and the preparation of the van ready for painting.

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(last updated 30/12/2000)