Mav's 23 Window Samba

This little beauty is a 1957 23 Window Samba, discovered in only 40 miles from my house in Ealing, London. When I brought it in July 2000, it had an MOT and Tax and was used annually to tow a caravan to Europe ( with a 34hp engine, they were very patient) by the old couple who owned it. Mechanically is was well looked after, cosmetically any rust had been cut out and replaced with pudding and then hand brushed the original colours. So a bit of welding is needed in all 4 corners, nothing to much. Structurally it is very sound. It has all the trim with the exception of air vent trim, which I have ordered from Creative Engineering and then saw some original ones at VW Euro. Doh!

Asyou can see, she is the perfect place to start a restoration from. But unlike most other 23 window restorations mine will not be stock, far from it!!! No permament alterations will be down and everything removed will be stored, so it can be put back to stock once again if required.

Here are a few more photos (click for more detail) :


Keep your eyes peeled, for you won't miss this bus coming down the street!

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