Mav's 1963 Panel Van

This my first VW van, I brought it cosemetically as you see it, with the exception that I have sprayed the bumpers etc, white, they were black. Since then I have fitted a 13 speaker stereo system, consisting of 3 amps, a 12" sub, 4 tweeters, 4 mids and 4 6x9 speakers, the van is vibration free thanks to rolls of dynamat I have put on every panel. so it can make some noise.


It also now runs a monster 2.4 liter Type 4 engine (see page dedicated to the engine), so the cabin has a selection of Autometer gauges and a Porsche seat and a race harness for those occassional runs down the street. It runs 16" Chevy wheels with a type 3 IRS back end. The front beam has been replaced with a 1968 front beam and disc brakes from a VW Vanwagon fitted.