2.4 Litre Type 4 Engine



I brought the engine as a long block from Mark Stephens High Performance in the USA. It took over a year to arrive and when it did, the company went bankrupt 1 month later, so I was lucky to receive anything. The gearbox was specially built by Peter at Cogbox in the UK.

I originally fitted this engine into my 1963 Panel Van, running 44mm Webers and a Bugpack exhaust. After 900 miles the cam went flat which was a mixed blessing, as the cam the engine came with was quite wild making the van almost undrivable under 3,000rpm. Obviously the engine would need to be rebuilt with a new cam and this was entrusted to Andy at Farnborough VW. We fitted a cam with the same specification as a Porsche 914, which has resulted in an engine that can dwaddle along and at the same time happily reach over 100mph.

The engine stayed in this format for a year before it was pulled out to be fitted to the Samba. While the engine and gearbox was out it was entrusted to Ian at Wolfsburg Performance, who serviced the engine and also replaced the old 44 Webers with brand new 45mm Dellorto's. Ian together with Dave from Airwerx modified a Berg gearbox mount to fit my bus, which by now is getting pretty crowded underneath. The oil breather box was moved underneath the bus. One of Ian's nicer touches is the additional oil cooler we fitted behind the left hand wheel arch, this opens up at 75 degrees sharing it's oil with the rest of the enigne and then at 90 degrees two electric fans kick in, cooling the oil in the cooler down.

We also removed the old bugpack exhaust and turbo muffler and replaced it with a high performance stainless steel BAS merged exhaust system, matched to big bore stainless steel GWD front collector boxes and tail pipe. The exhaust system is a work of art and fitted like a glove, and produces a reasonable quiet van at tick over but produces a healthy roar when the pedal is to the metal.

The Samba was run in this configuration at Big Bang 2002, where down the famous Santa Pod 1/4 mile in ran a best of 17.25 seconds. Which I was very happy with! UInfortuantely the strain of the acceleration meant the gearbox and engine was moving too much and I fractured the nose cone and it snapped on the way to 'Run To The Sun 2002'. So we this time solid mounted the gearbox and are in the process of designing a new engine brace.

We also put the Samba onto a Dyno at Brooklands Horsepower, where we found another 7 or 8 hp, it was a very hot day so on a cooler day this figure would increase and they also smoothed the torque curve. On their dyno I was producing 125hp and over 128 lbs torque. It is the torque curve of my van that makes it so fast down the quarter mile, there is alot of bus to move.

At Bug Jam 2002 I only managed 2 runs on the quarter mile, the first run I ran a 16.9 second run, happy you bet and I also detected a slight slipping clutch. My second run was up against a Mk1 Golf GTi, I ran a 17.2 with a much worse slipping clutch, but still BEATING the Golf by a fair margin.

At Big Bang 2003, I again ran a 16.9 granting myself access to the new Buses With Attitude split screen van club. This tiem against a strong head wind, so in better conditions I would hope for a mid 16's run. But it turned out to be too much for my clutch, which packed up on my second run of the day. So I have now fitted a high performance pressure plate and 6 pad clutch disc from Kennedy Engineering in California

Note : All quarter mile runs made with full interior and stereo.


Engine Specification

Gearbox Specification - built by CogBox Fully Rebuilt